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All women are beautiful, be they curvy, pear-shaped, slim or athletic.TEL: (+27) 719 382 858 , It doesn't matter what shape your body is or how the fashion mags perceive you. In fact most men admit that it's all in how you carry what you got. It's about time women stand united rather than constantly competing, comparing and ripping each other apart over body image. The media and men also have a lot to answer for, concerning the fueling of the typical negative body images that big bootied women hold about their weight, looks and what is deemed as attractive. Hips don't lie and for some women with exceptionally large hips, showing them in the right light may be difficult.

Confidence and Feminism  Call : 071 938 2858

Women with big booties have a certain feminine sway in their step that many guys cannot help but find attractive. Confidence is so sexy. Learn to wear an attitude and beam to the world that you are filled with self-belief, poise and a positive attitude rather than trying to compensate for being a plus sized woman with plenty of bootie. Rather than view your wide hips as negative, live your truth and go ahead with that natural walk of a woman who knows she's beautiful to swing those sexy wide hips as you walk. Your smile and confidence will certainly light up any room and it may just surprise you how many men will follow your walk!
It's about time that the Barbie doll look that resembles the bony rear end of a ten year old boy is seen for what it really is, ridiculous and extremely unhealthy. An attractive body is one that is fit, toned and healthy. Wide hips are not necessarily an indication of poor lifestyle choices but rather just a specific body-type pattern... what the real hot-blooded male is looking for are those sturdy child bearing hips!

The slim and petite portrayal of Hollywood beauty that some icons encourage cause goregous thick curvy women to undergo grueling gym workouts, plastic surgery and adhere to strict diet plans with some even adopting bulimic eating disorders in order to achieve the attention-grabbing body shape that they crave. Why do they put their bodies through such ordeals, merely for the quest of having the body shape just a few others deem as being perfect 
Tel: (+27) 719 382 858

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