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Service centre for the benefit of Recruitment Corporation and Job Seekers | Iadmin
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191 Alveda 2, Kibler Park,
Johannesburg, Gauteng 0005
South Africa
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Picture this, it’s the beginning of job hunting and you began your search for a job. You then start understanding that there are various places to search for jobs, places such as newspapers and internet. You finally gain the knowledge that these places are places which requires:


1. Too much time

2. Too much money (the very same money you need from a job)

3. Understanding and having the knowledge of how to use search engines such as Google

4. To register and apply online

5. To know the right Recruitment Agencies you should register with so you can avoid having to apply for mediocre jobs

6. Buying papers every week or every second of the week of every month


... Imagine finding a better solution that will save you from all this trouble? Today you have found the solution! We can provide you with an advantage in a competitive job market...

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