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Johannesburg, Gauteng
South Africa
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Resqcare EMS is a private, Johannesburg based, ambulance service.  We have been in full operation since November 1998. Resqcare is a well known name in the events industry and we proud ourselves that 90% of our new clients are gained through “word by mouth”. Based on the safety at sports and recreational events act of South Africa vol. 539: announced on 22 May 2010 no. 33232, we take great care to ensure that your event is compliant with the SANS 10360 matrix risk rating. WE NOW ALSO DO JOC PRESENTATION AND RISK WITH HEALTH AND SAFETY FOR EVENTS! Today, medical standby at an event is no longer just a medic or a first aider with a jumpbag! We ensure the correct qualified staff, vehicles and documents are in place to ensure you and your event comply and are within the law!  We are able to provide you with the following qualifications of medics: BLS, ILS AND ALS as well as a medical doctor for medical standby at any event. To ensure a professional service, we do NOT make use of volunteer medics, students or any medic with less than 3 years road experience. All medics are registered with the H.P.C.S.A. (Health Practitioners Council of South Africa).

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