I sell BIG businesses. You run the business, I will sell it. Professionally. Optimally. R30M plus! R 30,000,000

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I sell BIG businesses. You run the business, I will sell it. Professionally. Optimally. R30M plus! R 30,000,000

Many business owners think that they will not be able to sell their business. Questions arise like:

  • How will I sell it?
  • What professionals can I trust to help me sell my business?
  • What will I sell my business for? 
  • How much is it worth to potential buyers?
  • How can I advertise my business without letting people know that I am selling?
  • What contracts do I need for this process?
  • How do I control my Intellectual Property and ensure that potential buyers do not simply examine everything I have perfected, and then proceed to reverse engineer my business and steal my secrets without buying?
  • Should I sell a part of my business, the holding entity, or should I sell the business out of the entity?
  • What are the tax implications and how do I best plan for this?


Allow me to apply my Actuarial knowledge and business skills to give the SALE of your BIG business the degree of professional care that it deserves. My name is Charles and I am a professional and a qualified Actuary / MBA with 40 years of solid business experience. You will have one of the best business minds work on the sale of your business. I am contracted by LEW GEFFEN SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY COMMERCIAL SERVICES CAPE REGION.

I really would like to be afforded the opportunity to sell your BIG business for you.
From R10 million up to R1000 million or more. 
I just love doing this and doing it better than anyone else.

Our services include :

  1. a solid overall business evaluation,
  2. a market analysis, 
  3. a competitor analysis,
  4. a state of the economy and business confidence analysis,
  5. giving selling advice,
  6. performing a set of valuations to arrive at a true realistic price for the business,
  7. performing further calculations to arrive at a band of possible prices ranging from distressed sale values, through NPV (Net Present Value - discounted future free cash-flows) calculations, P/E (Price Earnings Ratios using accepted market rates) calculations, through to an optimistic valuation. This will give you a solid idea of the range of selling price values that your business could realize, and also give you guidance on a best true single point price estimate.
  8. pre-sale business prepping advice,
  9. relationship building with potential buyers,
  10. due diligence advice,
  11. strong negotiation skills exercised in your favour and 
  12. well honed closing skills.
  13. You will benefit immensely from our name.

Trust Lew Geffen Sotheby's International Realty Commercial Services Cape Region to take care of you and your business.
This is not something to take lightly. A mistake here can be a very costly mistake.

Contact us on this email address: charles1@sothebysrealty.co.za for personalised top shelf attention.

Our CEO and myself will be intimately involved at each stage of the sale. This team will spearhead professional discreet marketing efforts towards the end of achieving a sale for you that realizes the true value of your business.

If you have ever considered cashing in by selling your business, 
but did not know where to start or simply did not have the time, 
then contact me. 

Simply email me at charles1@sothebysrealty.co.za

  • Our services are charged for as follows:

    • Our fee is 12.5% of the sale amount. If the sale occurs at 10% less than the valuation amount, then we will automatically compensate for this by reducing our fees by 20%! No fees will be levied if there is no sale. Due to the intense effort and the amount of time and work that we put into every sale, this commission rate is unfortunately not negotiable at any time.
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