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Amoref (Pty) Ltd build some of the best and innovative small scale ore crushing, gravity concentration, wash plants and refining equipment. Our clients are mostly in Africa but we are expanding into North and South America, Asia and Europe. We have a solid reputation in the design and development of small scale mineral extraction plants. Speak to one of our experts to assist you through your start up process and be surprised by the early results and cost effectiveness of our processes. Our unique insight into the needs of small scale gold miners keeps us passionate about the products we design and build. We strive to keep gold mining accessible for small scale companies and operations. Small scale gold miners know that scaled down jaw crushers, roller crushers, portable mills and other forms of small mining equipment is incredibly difficult to find. Whether we are providing both standard crushing and mill models as well as custom equipment built to customer satisfactions, Amoref (Pty) Ltd provides the same high-level commitment and unmatched warrantee. If it's building quality and ultimate performances you are after the Amoref (Pty) Ltd is your ideal business partner.
This mobile unit is designed to be towed behind a 1 ton LDV. It can process 1 ton of ore per hour. The ore is loaded onto the conveyor belt which will carry it up to the jaw crusher. The jaw crusher will crush it down from -125mm to -12.5 mm. From the jaw crusher the ore falls into the hammer mill. The hammer mill then pulverize the ore to mostly -75 micron. This fine dust will be blown into the cyclone which will wet it slightly and it will drop onto the shaking table. The shaking table will separate the heavy metal and gold concentrate from the other minerals and deposit it into separate container. From this container the gold concentrate can be sold OR leached in our Living Green Gold Leaching Plant which is totally Mercury free.
Ami-Flo Shaking Table
The Ami-Flo Shaking Table is best used: •For concentrating a middling feed producing a high grade concentrate and a middling for re grinding. •For the concentrating of mineral feeds of low specific gravity such as graphite, molybdenum etc. •For the recovery of metallic etc. from free gold ores, refuse in brass foundries, cyanide plants, assay offices, re-melting and casting works and jewelry shops. •As a means of controlling classification in milling plants under certain conditions. •For washing and clean and inferior coals, iron ore etc. •Before or after floatation units for the recovery of coarse mineral not readily recovered by floatation. •As pilot tables following floatation machines to serve as an indicator to the operator of the efficiency of each machine and for the recovery of valuable minerals when the floatation unit is not working at a point of high recovery. Motive Traction Ami-Flo™ Tables used as a pilot table give the operator instant warning of inefficient operation and serve as a safeguard against heavy tailings loss. •For two or more mineral separations from floatation concentrate, previous table middling or from original feed. •For efficient concentration of low grade mineral feeds to produce a high grade concentrate for metallurgical treatment and tailings to waste.
High Banker
A high banker is a sluice which can handle higher through put as it is not limited to the water flow of the stream. A high banker stands on the bank or a stream or river and water is pumped from the river over the sluice section of the high banker. Material from the river is fed via a small hopper onto the sluice section. From here the same principles of the sluice apply. The water takes the sand and washes it over the cross bars that is fitted to the steel grid in the high banker. The heavy gold particles will accumulate behind the bars and drop through the grid into the miners moss below the grid. The lighter material will wash out the bottom end of the high banker. After a while the water is turned off to remove the gold trapped in the miners moss. To do that the grid is loosened and lifted. The miners moss is then lifted out and washed in a bucket of water. The gold trapped in the moss can then be removed from the water in the bucket.
Ami-Fin Micro Table
The Ami-Fin-Micro™ Tables are specialized, low capacity "finishing" devices for applications where pre-concentrated material is supplied as feed to the tables. The Ami-Fin-Micro™ Tables are capable of producing a very clean gold concentrate from gold-bearing black-sand concentrates when fed minus 20-mesh material. In many cases the Ami-Fin-Micro™ concentrate is suitable for direct smelting. Other high value, high specific gravity minerals/materials can also often be separated from pre-concentrated materials. Recovery efficiencies are excellent down to approximately 325 mesh size, which is about the finest particle size that can be observed with the human eye. Since control of the mineral separations is by visual means, recovery is generally limited to particles that can be seen. It must also be recognized that the size and quantity of free gold present in the Ami-Fin-Micro™ table feed depends upon the efficiency of the recovery and concentrating devices that are used ahead of the Ami-Fin-Micro™ table circuit. Feed rates and processing capacities depend upon characteristics of the feed material such as mineral composition, size distribution and shape factors. However, as a guide the Ami-Fin-Micro™ model AFM-1 is designed to process up to 65 Kg per hour. We recommend the water supply to the table be provided from a clean independent (steady-head) source, which will assure a constant feed pressure to the water manifold. The water volume is the most important control variable when operating the Ami-Fin-Micro™ Tables. It is also important to have the tables securely fastened to the floor, as all the drive motion must be transferred to the table deck to achieve satisfactory performance. If different drive motor specifications are required we will be pleased to consider your requirements and adjust quotations accordingly.
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